Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Day one in Morocco

After an insanely early start from London with almost no sleep, we arrive in Marrakech at 8.30 in the morning, local time. A few minutes doing battle with a local ATM and some insane haggling with a taxi driver, we get to the mountain village of Imlil by 10.30.

And then start a steep 300m ascent to the Berber village of Aroumd with most of our climbing gear on a mule. Managed to do the 3km hike in 45min, impressive given the lack of sleep and hangovers we all sported!

We got to our accommodation for the night, at 2000m above sea level. A very pleasant little Berber mud brick building, with kitchy rooms and great views all around.  Despite this being Ramadan, our hosts are nice enough to offer us lunch. Starving and exhausted, waiting for food! :)

After that we hope to prepare for tomorrow's big hike, and get an early night and lots of sleep.

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