Thursday, 10 September 2009

On the shoulder of Toubkal

Here is our mountain hut and the peaks behind it, and a view of the valley we climbed up. We climbed about 1100m today over 8.5 km, took us 5 hours and we got to the mountain hut in time for some much needed food. The climb has broken both Nushi and Ted, they're both asleep now and it's just 3pm! Tomorrow will be an even harder day. A 5.30am start to climb a further 1100m in just 3km (steep!) to the summit of Toubkal - the biggest thing in North Africa and big enough to challenge most of what the Alps has to offer. After summitting, we need to trek all the way back to where we started today - about 11.5km downhill.

Folks have reported a hailstorm on the summit and we're expecting some pretty snow-clad views!  Now off on a reconnaisance walk up tomorrow's route to get a feel of how steep things are and how my lungs deal with such exertion at altitude.

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