Tuesday, 13 April 2010

CreditCardNanny for Firefox

As a follow-up to my previous post on SSL and a false sense of security, I've revisited the Firefox plugin I originally wrote.  For ease of writing the plugin, I originally made use of Firefox's Jetpack framework.  It was easy to build and made my life as an extension author simple.  But that was not to last - Firefox has discontinued the Jetpack extension and is in the process of repackaging Jetpack as a fully fledged SDK which would then spit out a more traditional Firefox XPI add-on.  A grand vision indeed, complete with support on addons.mozilla.org to be able to take Jetpack extensions and generate the XPI for you.  But alas, this is still a ways away, with the new Jetpack SDK still being in version 0.2, missing a lot of features, and addons.mozilla.org still not having support for XPI generation from a Jetpack extension.

So this has left me with just one choice: write a traditional, Firefox XPI add-on.  This did take a while - XPI add-ons can be very powerful, but is complete and utter overkill for what I need.  But anyway, the plugin is now complete, and Firefox users can now make use of this add-on.

At the time of this writing, Mozilla editors have yet to review the add-on, and hence the "experimental" status on addons.mozilla.org.  Rest assured the plugin is on their queue and will be reviewed and promoted to full, public status in due course.  Click here to install this plugin.


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