Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ubiquitous Computing at the Institute of Physics

I feel privileged - and very excited - that I have been invited to lecture at the Institute of Physics in London, who are running a series of talks titled Physics in Perspective,  2012.  I will speak on ubiquitous computing - a meld of cloud computing, social media and networked mobile devices that are poised to change the way human beings interact, do business, even discover the world around them.

My talk is on the 14th of February, at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in the famous Faraday Lecture Theatre.  Details of all talks in the series is available on the Institute of Physics' website.  If you are interested in attending, the deadline for registering and getting your ticket is the 27th of January.

The lecture is open to the public and tickets are still available, so if you are interested in ubiquitous computing, please do come along!


UPDATE: This talk has now been recorded, and is available online.

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